We all have strengths and weaknesses. The most successful among us are not threatened by their weaknesses, instead they see them as opportunities for improvement. Now, I’m not talking about working on your weaknesses and trying to bring them up to par with your strengths. I think that’s a waste of time. What I’m talking about is hiring people around you whose strengths are your weaknesses. Let them work in their strengths while you work in yours.
You may ask, “What about improving myself and my skills set?” “What about self-help?”

I say, “Go for it!” Improve yourself. This post isn’t about personality and character it’s about job skills. Focus most of your job skills improvement time, energy and resources on your strengths, those areas that are going to be useful in your chosen career. I see it this way: I can work for the rest of my life on my graphic design skills and never be as good as an average graphic designer. So why would I do that? Why not hire a graphic designer to work in their strength while I work in mine. And hiring doesn’t have to be a full time position. Don’t be afraid to outsource some portion of your business to a local firm that is better set up to handle it and can do it more efficiently than you.

My work is to handle the finances for small businesses. I take care of their bookkeeping, tax preparation, analysis, coaching and consulting needs. This frees them up to do what they do best.

After all, nobody ever started a small business so that they could forget about their dream and spend countless hours trying to figure out their finances!

Focus on what you do best and let someone else handle the rest.