This year the IRS has shifted the filing due dates of several returns. If you are a business owner, take note of the new dates:

March 15

Form 1065 for Partnerships  (extended to September 15)

Form 1120S for S Corporations (extended to September 15)


April 15 (April 18 this year)

Form 1040 for Individuals  (extended to October 15)

Form 1041 for Estates & Trusts  (extended to September 30)

Form 1120 for Corporations  (extended to September 15)

FinCEN Form 114 for Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts


May 15

Form 990 Nonprofits (extended to August 15)


Why did the IRS do this, you ask? It is an attempt to get passthrough entities (Partnerships and S Corporations) to get you those K-1s earlier so that you can meet your April 15 filing deadline.

So, if you own or manage a business entity, refer to the list above for your new filing deadline. If you are a member, partner or shareholder in a business entity, you should see your K-1 earlier this year.