If you're like most business owners, you've hired and fired many people and you are characterized by the following traits: A) You have high expectations for your employees B) You think that you read people well C) You are beginning to think that high turnover rates are the price for excellence Bad news: you are wrong on all three accounts. Here's why: 1) Rarely do employers with high expectations convey those expectations well to their new hires. I'm not just talking about during the interview process and their first day of work, I'm talking about regular meetings after that to continue to refine their understanding of your expectations. Too often we assume that they will get themselves up to speed and everything will be fine. Regular interaction is necessary. 2) If you really read people as well as you think you do, you wouldn't be experiencing the turnover that you are currently dealing with. In fact, if you really read people as well as you think you do, you might consider a change of careers…to something like hiring assessments. 3) Turnover stinks. It costs a lot of time/money and gives your business a bad reputation. Don't settle for high turnover. The solution: do what I did and find a great company to handle your hiring assessments. I was tired of having turnover issues and "surprises". I use http://www.strategictalentmanagement.com/ for my hiring assessments and have been very pleased with the results. They will run assessments on all my future hires and have permanently changed the way that I interact with new hires. Do your self a favor, invest a little up front to save a bundle down the road.